Cajun Country Here I Come

Yep, still sick…

I am going to New Orleans this weekend because of New Orleans Comic Con.

It was originally going to be :NOLA 2016

But on M onday last, Matt had to cancel due to commitments on his new movie The Crown.

This is very excusable. Happens all the time when you’ve been going to Conventions for over 30 years like I have.

My gripe is that I had VIP tickets for the Trio. But when they became a Duo the entire VIP status was dropped like a rock.

I was going primarily for Jenna, as I saw Karen In Phoenix here last Month and Matt 2 years ago in New Orleans.

But I had to re-book the whole convention. They did give a good rate on a normal 3-day pass (which was sold out due the headliners of this convention Capt. America & Several Avengers). VIP Not available. But I think got pushed to the back of the line for autographs and photo ops.

Not nice.

Oh well.

Ce Le Vie.

These things happen. But I paid a lot of money to have a few perks and now I get shoved from the front of the bus to the back unceremoniously.

So I will have like several hours wait in line instead of up to an hour. 😦

I hope I still have a good time this weekend.

I will let you know. 🙂



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Doctor Who fan like few others. Also a fan of Science Fiction, Cooking Shows and more.

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