Year in Review

The Doctor Who Year for me started with Gallifrey One Season 26.

Image result for gallifrey one 26


Then it continued in May with my trip to England for the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular Wembley Stadium.

Where there was a bomb scare 2 says prior to the Concert at Wembley. It wasn’t a terrorist attack, it was an unexploded WWII German bomb from the Blitz.


A day trip to Cardiff to see the Capaldi Edition of the Doctor Who Experience.

Just days after getting back from England was Phoenix Comic Con

7th Doctor on Panel

Then Came Series 9 of the show.

series 9

It was one of the best in years.

The Phoenix Fan Fest here in town the same weekend as the Season Finale.

karen gillan fan fest 2015

Capped off with the Christmas Special return of River Song.

Husbands of river song

Overall, a very good year for WHO and me.

2016 will start with a Bang, the weekend after this with New Orleans Comic Con.

The 11th Doctor, Amy Pond & Clara Oswald Reunite @ Wizard World!
Oh, Doctor! Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Jenna Coleman To Attend Wizard World Comic Con New Orleans!




Get the New Year off to a good start! 🙂



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