In Sickness…

I did a blog just a little while back about Capaldi in a hiospital room of a child who missed the Doctor Who Festival.

Well, apparently, it’s grown. The message from Ingrid “Osgood” Oliver is superb.

Doctor Who Fandom, I Love it.

CNN: Like the late Daniel Fleetwood who had the opportunity to see the new “Star Wars” early, a young, hospitalized fan of “Doctor Who” just wanted to attend a convention for the show.

When the “Doctor Who” community on social media heard about 14-year-old Daniel — who suffers from two conditions: Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and Postural tachycardia syndrome — they swung into action with the hashtag #drwhodaniel, to get the word out to the people with the sci-fi series about the situation.

The hope was that perhaps Daniel might even get to meet the Doctor.

Last Tuesday, that’s exactly what happened: Peter Capaldi, the current star of “Doctor Who” showed up in Daniel’s hospital room in character as the Doctor.

If that wasn’t enough, Steven Moffat, the show’s executive producer sent a special message to Daniel, revealing that previous “Doctor Who” star Matt Smith had been to visit him.

Even Classic Who Got into it:

Sylvester McCoy left a message,and I saw it, now I can’t find it. 😦


Scorby, The henchman for Plant Crazed Millionaire Harrison Chase in “The Seeds of Doom”.
Special Effects Guru Danny Hargreaves

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