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karen gillan fan fest 2015

Her panel is tomorrow.

I get her autograph and photo tomorrow. A real Beauty and the Beast moment for sure. 🙂

Then I will see her again in a month in New Orleans with Jenna Coleman and Matt Smith.

I’m excited.

Then Gally is the Month after that, so it’s Con Season!

Last year's Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest at University of Phoenix Stadium.

Booking special guests for a big geek convention often takes a lot of time, effort, patience, and persistence. Just ask Brandy Kuschel, who spends most of the year wrangling all manner of famed actors, artists, and geek icons for both Phoenix Comicon in the spring and its spinoff wintertime event, Fan Fest.

“There are a lot of moving parts involved with getting guests,” says Kuschel, who serves as Comicon’s director of guest relations.

There’s also a bit of luck involved and fortune has been known to suddenly smile upon her. Like, for instance, when the chance to host Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan at this year’s Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest next month fell into her lap.

As Kuschel explains, the Phoenix Comicon staff has a standing booking offer with agents representing many of the stars from the renowned BBC sci-fi show’s history, including David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Billie Piper. “We’ve let it be know that we’re always interested in having any Doctor Who guests out to Phoenix Comicon,” Kuschel says.

A few months ago, she got an e-mail offering up an appearance from Gillan, the Scottish actress who played ultra-popular companion Amy Pond, on a silver platter.

It was an offer that Kuschel and the rest of the Phoenix Comicon staff couldn’t refuse, especially since they’d been trying to book Gillan for years. Thing is, they’d been hoping to feature her at Phoenix Comicon proper, which brings upwards of 70,000 people to downtown and features a huge array of blockbuster guests. The Fan Fest, which debuted last December, is a much smaller event that’s geared more towards artists and families.

Karen Gillan is scheduled to appear on Saturday, December 5, and Sunday, December 6, at Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest 2015.

Karen Gillan is scheduled to appear on Saturday, December 5, and Sunday, December 6, at Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest 2015.

According to Phoenix Comicon director Matt Solberg, while Fan Fest includes appearances by some notable names, such as actor Tom Skeritt or artist Bob Layton at last year’s event, the emphasis isn’t necessarily on big guests.

“Last year we had a couple of headliners and a few other special guests and I think everyone fit in with what we were doing,” Solberg says. “But this year it wasn’t like we were going after a big-named person for Fan Fest. And then it just kind of happened with Karen Gillan.”

Solberg says that when Kuschel told him the Doctor Who and Guardians of the Galaxy actress would be available for the event, the two were amused by the irony over finally getting the guest they wanted, albeit at a completely different time of year.

“Brandy and I had a really good chuckle together,” Solberg says, “Because it was like, ‘You gotta be kidding me. We’ve spent all this time trying to get her for Phoenix Comicon and now it’s being handed to us?’ But we both knew right away, we weren’t passing up this opportunity. You just don’t.”

Nor did they pass on any of the other big guests that they had the chance to feature at this year’s Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest, which takes place from Friday, December 4, to Sunday, December 6, at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale and will include such famous names as A-Team/Battlestar Galactica star Dirk Benedict, veteran character actor W. Morgan Shepard, Torchwood’s Gareth David-Lloyd, and Sean Maher from Firefly. (Phoenix New Times)


Also excited to see what happens to today in the Season Finale, “Hell Bent”.

But then we go into hibernation for 20 days until the Christmas Special.

Then the long dark Doctor Who Winter sets in until next Fall.

So it’s also a sad time of the year where we will be without a new fix for months and months and months…



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