The Return of Me

She certainly made an impression after her debut in series 9.

But Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams, 18, will make her return to Doctor Who as the immortal Ashildr for the show’s season finale this weekend.

Starring alongside the Doctor – played by Peter Capaldi, 57 – it will be the first time she’s seen in the show since the Face The Raven episode, which aired November 21.


“You don’t see surprised to see me?”

Speaking of her return, Maisie said: ‘I didn’t know that I’d be back again but I’m glad I am because after the end of the previous episode that I’m in, it was nice to have something that would round off my character nicely.’

The show’s writer Steven Moffat, 54, added that her immortal character has lived many years since her most recent appearance.

He said: ‘She’s now impossibly ancient and quite serene. She’s far older than the doctor.

Behind the Scenes Video with Maisie:

‘She’s certainly not alarmed by him anymore as she’s not merely his equal, she’s outgrown him. 

‘They are no longer equals. She’s way ahead. She’s seen more. She’s done more.’

Peter said: ‘We’re both creatures who look into eternity. That’s how Doctor Who should be. It’s good, it’s quite haunting.’

Maisie added: ‘Every episode that I’ve been back, my character’s made such a big change in the time that she’s been missing. It’s nice to be able to portray all of that.’  

In the preview clip, Ashildr is seen sitting on a throne, as she says to the Doctor: ‘You don’t seem surprised to see me.’

The Doctor replies: ‘I know I went too far.’

In what appears to be quite the dramatic scene, Ashildr says: ‘I’ve had 800 years of adventure. Enough to fill a library if you write it all down. I think it’s time to tell the truth.’

Reflecting on her experience on the BBC1 show, Maisie admitted: ‘This is every fan boy’s dream and I get to do this as my job. I’m really grateful for that.’

Peter dropped a hint that Maisie would be an accomplished new companion in a recent interview.

He said: ‘I can’t answer questions like that but Maisie is fantastic, She’s been in Game of Thrones since she was 12 and is very assured.

‘I was doing a shot with her and when they called “action” she slightly pulled me back. When I asked her what she was doing she said, “You were in my light.” But she is lovely.’


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