Doctor Who executive producer Steven Moffat has defended the “gruesome” death of popular character Clara Oswald amid claims her shocking demise was inappropriate for the show’s young audience.

The episode featuring actress Jenna Coleman’s final scenes on the hit BBC show have caused a stir, with the actress herself admitting to being “shocked” by the script.

The broadcasting corporation has meanwhile defended its decision to air the programme ahead of the 9pm watershed. 

The Time Lord could only look on helplessly as it flew into his companion’s chest before she silently screamed, with black smoke coming from her mouth, and then collapsed lifeless to the ground.

True, it is the “real” death in a programme that has cheapened death a lot for years, but it’s not worse than other things little kids see these days.

It was brave sacrifice, not a meaningless death. And it didn’t have blood and bullets everywhere…

Clara thought she was The Doctor, and she died for her companion. The Doctor does that all the time, but he’s a Time Lord and he can regenerate.

Doctor Who - Clara (JENNA COLEMAN), Doctor Who (PETER CAPALDI)

Did they go too far?

Lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat said: ‘You have to be responsible about it – that doesn’t mean it isn’t shocking or troubling. (UK Mirror)

A) Video Games are much deadlier these days than this.

B) The time slot is late enough at night that the watershed may have been breached by the time this part of the episode was aired.

C) but most important, and why many fans aren’t buying it, is that Clara has died 5 times previous to this.

Death has become a joke. Not to be taken seriously.

So a real, “I mean it” death is not believed and that is the main reaction I see.

But we all know the actress did quit, so she isn’t coming back.

And if Jenna Coleman shows up in the 2-Part Season Finale that will spoil this episode.

Steven Moffat, the series’ head writer, defended the dark themes, claiming children loved to be scared as long as it was kept within certain boundaries. 

He said: ‘You have to be responsible about it – that doesn’t mean it isn’t shocking or troubling. But it is not like children learn about the realities of people dying from Doctor Who.’

However, fans were unsettled by the episode, which was watched by 4.5million people, calling it ‘traumatic’.

One wrote on Twitter: ‘Still left staring blank at my TV after Doctor Who; too emotionally damaged.’

Another added: ‘Doctor Who just tore my heart into millions of tiny pieces then stomped on them. Somehow not feeling much love for Steven Moffat!’ 

Adric didn’t have the same reaction back in 1981. 🙂

The BBC defended the show at the time, saying Doctor Who was ‘a family drama with a long tradition of tackling some of the more fundamental questions about life and death’.

Miss Coleman, who has played Clara since 2012, said that she could not stop crying when she filmed her final scenes. 

She told the Sunday People: ‘It was a surprise when I read the script. It’s really cool and different, and good, I think. And sad. It was ridiculous to get emotional. I’d planned all these things I wanted to say but only got two words out.’

The BBC declined to comment yesterday.

I thought it was very well done. Very well played.

But I’m not a squeamish millennial  who plays Assasins Creed, either.


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