Veterans Day in The US

Today is Veterans Day here in The US.

So I want to honor our Doctor Who Veterans, UNIT. :

Image result for UNIT Doctor Who
Greyhound One 🙂

Petronella Osgood is BACK! Only not back in the Doctor Who series – back in her very own spin-off.

Actress Ingrid Oliver will reprise her role as Osgood for Doctor Who spin-off series UNIT: Extinction.

UNIT: Extinction, an audio play, will be the first installment of a new spin-off box set which will be comprised of four hour-long episodes.

‘I literally finished filming on Friday and came straight here to do another installment of the Doctor Who journey – it’s non-stop Osgood,’ she said.

‘Jemma and I had a joke – “A spinoff series – it’s got to happen!” – so hearing that we were doing this is brilliant. UNIT – with Kate Stewart and Osgood – it feels like a formidable team!’

UNIT: Extinction is out now and available to buy from UNIT: Shutdown will follow in May 2016, with a third and fourth box-set coming in November 2016 and May 2017.

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