The No Win Scenario

It’s a story in which the “status quo” is really, really weird—even though it ostensibly takes place in present-day Earth. And it’s hard to tell what exactly would constitute a happy resolution of this situation.

In fact, the situation in “Zygon Invasion” is starting to look like a no-win situation, and it’s basically of the Doctor’s making.

Back in “The Day of the Doctor,” the anniversary special, the Doctor handled an impending Zygon invasion of Earth in the middle of dealing with his long-buried trauma from another no-win situation: the Time War. The Doctor was reunited with two of his past selves, including the past Doctor who actually set off the weapon that destroyed the Time Lords and the Daleks. Handling the Zygon problem was just sort of a distraction in the middle of undoing the Doctor’s biggest mistake, but the solution that the Doctors came up with was very much a tribute to lateral thinking.

The Doctors forced the humans, and the Zygons impersonating them, to negotiate without knowing if they were Zygon or human. (At the time, we referred to this as a sort of Rawlsian “veil of ignorance.”- John Rawls was a philosopher who became famous for a thought experiment, in which the only way to reach a fair arrangement is if people don’t know which side they’ll end up on.) The point was that there’s always another way—hence the Doctor didn’t have to accept the necessity of committing genocide against his own people as well as the Daleks.

Now, at last, we find out just what those Rawlsian negotiations led to… and it’s pretty radical. Some 20 million Zygons came to live on Earth, disguised as humans, and UNIT and the Zygon High Command have been policing this treaty ever since.

This is sort of an unsustainable situation, because the moment anybody sees what the Zygons actually look like, paranoia will set in. Anybody could be a shapechanging alien with a lethal stinger, and you won’t know until it’s too late.

And I still maintain, why would the Doctor force this situation when he is perfectly aware of The Silurians and their situation with mankind not being ready for them, and they have a legitimate claim because they are as Terran as Humans are.

And what about poor Harriet Jones…

That leads to Harold Saxon taking over, and that worked out really well.

The Doctor is making a mess and now he’s going to have clean this one up.

And we know what happened next.

So the Doctor is making the same mistake repeatedly is insane. His hearts are in the right place but it always ends badly.
So what will happen to the Zygons?
The Zygon rebels want to show their true faces, instead of having to hide, and they’re inciting all the Zygons who have assimilated into human society to join them. Yup, they want to let Zygons be Zygons.
Clara is a Zygon.
UNIT is crippled.
The Doctor gets blown up in another Presidential plane.
Osgood may or may not be a Zygon.
Kate Stewart is in a pickle.
How will he get out of this one?
So again, it’s really hard to imagine a happy ending for this one. One possible outcome is the 20 million Zygons being slaughtered, leaving the human race happy and untouched. Another outcome could be the Zygons getting resettled somewhere else, or forced to “forget” that they’re Zygons permanently and irrevocably. But it’s hard to see how this can end in some way that doesn’t involve upheaval and suffering, because this story is dealing with tricky issues of immigration, colonization, and most of all assimilation. The Zygons have tried and failed to assimilate into human culture, and now it’s all-out war.

Back in the one and only Zygon story on classic Doctor Who, the Doctor’s sometime companion Harry Sullivan gets captured and duplicated by the Zygons. This apparently leaves him with a bit of a vendetta, because in this episode we find out that Harry has done some experiments and created a lethal gas that causes Zygons to turn inside out. UNIT was keeping this gas stored, just in case… but someone with a TARDIS broke in and stole all of it. (We assume it’s the Doctor, but what if it was Missy?)

In any case, the lethal anti-Zygon gas is mentioned often enough that it’s probably going to turn out to be important. It could even be inside the Osgood Box.

But no matter what, the Fourth Doctor has been proven right yet again:Harry Sullivan is an Imbecile!

After all, nothing would prove Ashildr’s point about the Doctor’s tendency to “fix” problems and then disappear, more than this situation, in which the Doctor engineered a whole alien infiltration and then vanished. Right? (IO9)



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