Analogies and Penquins

The UK Telegraph: “This episode, written by Peter Harness (Kill the Moon) delivered its political message with the subtlety of a brick to the head. The Zygons are living peacefully among us, indistinguishable from you and me. But a radical splinter group has emerged, hell-bent on self-determination, bearing a black-and-white flag covered in squiggly, indecipherable script.

Rogue Zygons release execution videos, in which captives are made to read lists of demands before being zapped into crackling heaps of dust and hair. They have a base somewhere called “Turmezistan”. The problem is “a radicalisation of the younger brood,” we’re told, but – as the Doctor hissed to Lethbridge-Stewart – “if you start bombing you’ll radicalise the lot!” I have the haunting feeling there was an analogy somewhere here, if we could only figure it out.”

Hmm, wonder what it was?

But what’s really interesting is that their planet was destroyed BEFORE the mention of the Time War. Watch “Terror of the Zygons” again. BBC America was very canny and showed it on Sunday morning after Part 1.

In that episode from 40 years ago they mention in that episode that their planet was destroyed and that they wanted to settle on Earth and the Zygons in that episode were the advance team sent to make way from them.

So, knowing that, why would UNIT agree to a peace treaty with aliens who still have that same agenda?


But there’s a bigger question here: when is Clara going to go? We’ve known for some time that Jenna Coleman is leaving, and the rain of dark hints from minor characters – “Don’t you feel that everything is coming to an end?” – showed no sign of letting up last night. Things might conceivably wrap up next week, although it’s more likely that her final clonk on the head will be saved for the series finale. After this episode, though, I found myself hoping against hope that Osgood is being set up as the new companion. Just think of the costumes!

Yes, Please. 🙂

A shape changer for a companion…Hmmm… where have I seen (or heard) that before… 🙂


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