LEGO my Guiness

LEGO fans hope to set a new Guinness World record at the show, which is taking place at the NEC from October 29 to November 1.

A new Guinness World record is being attempted at Birmingham NEC – when LEGO fans try to make a life-size LEGO Doctor Who Tardis!

Using more than 100,000 bricks, the Tardis will stand more than two metres high once complete.

The intergalactic feat will take place at BRICK 2015, a huge LEGO show running from October 29 to November 1 during the half term holiday.

And, what’s more, show founder Warren Elsmore is calling all LEGO fans to help him build it!

He says: “With Doctor Who about to enter the LEGO community in a big way with fantastic new sets and as a character in LEGO Dimensions video game, it seemed only appropriate that we recreate one of the most iconic forms of time travel in true BRICK style.

“It will be great to get fans of all ages involved and we’re also hoping to create a new Guinness World Record in the process.”

Apart a wooden roof panel (for safety), the iconic blue Police Box will be built 100 per cent from LEGO bricks with no glue, metal or string.

It will be the largest LEGO Tardis ever built at a show.

BRICK visitors are being asked to help by building a ‘big brick’ from standard 2×4 bricks – the same brick as BRICK mascot Studley is based on – then these big bricks will be assembled into a life size Tardis during the show.

Ticket prices start at £20 in advance. For more information, visit


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