Review: The Girl Who Died

I will say it anyways…












Ok, now let’s get Viking!

Jamie Mathieson (winner of last years Doctor cWho Magazine Award for the best episodes 0f 2014) is back with co-writer Steven Moffat.

And what or who is Maise Williams’ much hyped and anticipated character…


I will reserve judgement on the character herself as we get to see how that plays out in Musketeer France next week. I wonder if The Doctor will impersonate Cardinal Richelieu? πŸ™‚

But if Moffat can make Jack Harness female, then the dreaded Female Doctor can’t be far behind. 😦

But let’s get into the episode itself.

It starts off with Clara in a spacesuit with a “visitor” and the Doctor recovering just in time, as always.

Then they land in Viking times.

The Doctor whips out the sunglasses to intimidate the Vikings and they just break them.

So it’s off to the Vikings’ village when we met Ashildr, played by Maise Williams.

I don’t watch Game of Thrones so I don’t understand the hype behind her. So if I am underwhelmed by the hype, forgive me.

The Doctor, very unconvincingly, tries to intimidate the Vikings into thinking he is the All-Father, Odin.

Then an alien race, The Mire, show up with a holograph project that reminded me of Monty Python and The Holy Grail.

They come down, steal the male warriors from the village.

Clara, again this week is needlessly reckless. That could get her killed by the end of this series. πŸ™‚

But only Clara and Ashildr survive the corridor of culling. The Deus ex machina didn’t go off until they were on the other side of the corridor and safe from it when the Star Wars trash compactor pushed the other warriors into the corridor and our plucky heroines managed to get out just in the nick of time but all the other warriors were “juiced”Β  by The Mire.

If it sounds like I didn’t really enjoy the episode, you’re partially right. It was a neat little episode but considering how well Jamie Mathieson did last year his sophomore year on WHO is off to an underwhelming start.

Ashildr challenges the Mire to a battle, in true Viking grit. The Mire naturally accept.

The needy Doctor is glad to have his crutch back, namely Clara. When she leaves at the end of the series, woe be that moment for this Doctor.

The Doctor does the sensible thing, he advises them to run like rabbits from the Mire and their soldiers that remind me of a Jadoon and Drathro love child.

They refuse because “they are Vikings!”.

Well at least they weren’t web designers! πŸ™‚

The interesting point in this bit is when the Doctor asks for a show of hands for all those who have wielded a sword in combat he raises his hand then as a WTF look on his face when Clara races her hand and gives him a “Damn straight” cocky look back.

Her aggressiveness is going to be the death of her.

Then it’s more The Doctor speaks Baby, its poignant, probably some of the best in the episode.

The Doctor still refuses so Clara and him have the “Needs of the Many/Few” scene like Kirk and Spock would and then Spock out logics Kirk with the help of a Baby and suddenly the Doctor is an Army Sargent ala Dad’s Army or Danny Pink.

Clara has her “but he’s clever” moment of hope to Ashildr, because he’s just that good. Her overconfidence will be the death of her. πŸ™‚

So, yes, it comes back to the theme of this review– Underwhelming.

So the Doctor devises a plan, after a little soldier cynical comedy that would have made Danny Pink cringe, of using electric eels to stun the Mire Troops so he can then use a magnet to pull a helmet off so they can use the helmet to project a Dragon image onto a mock viking stand-inΒ  to scare the troops off.

Yes, it looks as ludicrous as it sounds.

So the “most fearsome warriors” in the galaxy (HEY WHAT THE SONTARANS!) don’t have insulated suits!

And how do they know what a Dragon/Sea Serpent is to be frightened by it??

But defeating in any conventional way, was never the Doctor’s plan. He just wanted to punk’d them then get them to leave out of embarrassment, which they promptly do.

Danny Pink he’s not.

Then Ashildr mysterious dies from projecting the image of the Serpent byΒ  using the Mire Helmet.

Then Moffat has a Doctor Face moment that was underwhelming and predictable. And a bit lame.
It was almost as bad as why The Fifth Doctor had a stick of celery on his lapel, “I’m allergic to certain gases…” and when they are present the celery turns purple, then he eats it. End of mystery.

So then comes the Deus Ex Machina. A chip from the Mire Helmet, that did nothing for the Mire, but creates an immortal being.

Capaldi’s Doctor has a bit of a “Time Lord Victorious” speech when saying “I’m the Doctor and I save people” and that worked out well the last time. πŸ™‚

Talk about ripples into Waves Doctor!!

A spiky, young Viking Girl who you barely know is now an Immortal. How is that not going to f*ck up history!!

But that’s for next week… “The Girl Who Lived”

Ashildr The Viking!

Are you sure this wasn’t Game of Thrones instead of Doctor Who?


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