The Zygons are Coming…

Doctor Who Magazine 492 (Credit: Panini )

This month Doctor Who Magazine looks ahead to the return of one of Doctor Who’s most popular monsters, in the forthcoming two-part adventure The Zygon Invasion & The Zygon Inversion – which also sees the return of fan-favourite Osgood

Episode writer Peter Harness tells the Magazine

There was a certain amount of fan outrage when Death in Heaven saw the apparent death of Osgood. Ingrid Oliver’s character was an instant hit on her first appearance in The Day of the Doctor. While there may not have been questions asked in Parliament about her death, there were definitely some furious tweets on the subject! But now she’s back…

And, of course, the Zygons are back too.

One thing I really had in my head when I was writing it was the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and I think that’s why it originally had the title Invasion of the Zygons. I thought that if aliens wanted to fight us and they were fighting us from a position of weakness, they would look at how we fight wars. The Zygons are not only stealing our faces, but they’re stealing the ways in which we fight each other nowadays.
I still believe that Osgood will be the Zygon Osgood (even if that’s a bit obvious), who has inherited some of Osgood human tendencies and will help The Doctor with a Zygon problem. That’s my theory at least.
You see, I still don’t quite get the whol Zygon-Human pact in The Day of The Doctor.
The Zygons had no reason to agree to it and when The Doctor rewrites the Time War is there planet un-destroyed to begin with?
I know Moffat and Co want to use the shapechangers as a Sci-Fi trope, but I just never saw the advantage the Zygons got from agreeing to live on a primitive planet (at least to them) as humans and what human got as a benefit because The Zygons aren’t trustworthy to begin with.
The whole thing never made any sense to me, at least.
But we’ll find out soon enough.

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