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That’s what this episode was, Belgium!!

If you don’t understand the reference, google it with Doctor Who “Time Crash”.

That’s the same thing that The Doctor does in the most 4th Wall Doctor Who bit (in the prologue) since “Caves of Androzani”.

The Bootstrap Paradox:

The past event is then partly or entirely the cause of the future event, which is the past event’s cause. Since a causal loop has no independent origin, it is also called a bootstrap paradox or an ontological paradox.
It is a paradox in the sense that an independent origin of the events that caused each other cannot be determined, they simply exist by themselves.

You only knew what to do because I saw you do it — The Fifth Doctor in “Time Crash”.

DOCTOR 5: Supernova and black hole at the exact same instant.
DOCTOR: The explosion cancels out the implosion.
DOCTOR 5: Pressure remains constant.
DOCTOR: It’s brilliant.
DOCTOR 5: Far too brilliant. I’ve never met anyone else who could fly the Tardis like that.
DOCTOR: Sorry, mate, you still haven’t.
DOCTOR 5: You didn’t have time to work all that out. Even I couldn’t do it.
DOCTOR: I didn’t work it out. I didn’t have to.
DOCTOR 5: You remembered.
DOCTOR: Because you will remember.
DOCTOR 5: You remembered being me watching you doing that. You already knew what to do because I saw you do it.
DOCTOR: Wibbly wobbly
BOTH: Timey wimey!

Two minutes to Belgium!!

Or in this case 139 years to a small Scottish military training base and a funeral ship sending a message from a wounded warrior (the Arthurian) Fisher King.

Until I looked up the bootstrap paradox, thanks google, and had right think about it, I was annoyed with ending.

Then it hit me, Belgium!

I am well versed in SF, but sometimes you just forget things until they hit you in the forehead like a V-8 Moment.

I was bummed they offed the Doctor Who fan, O’Donnell. The show really likes to kill it’s fans! 🙂

The Doctor tried to save her, but as she said, “have either of you met me” in that very head strong Clara sort of way.

The Fisher King while imposing and menacing really was underwhelming in grand scheme of the episode.

Upon reflection I loved the episode for it’s over handling and message about death. The show has gotten rather cavalier about it. But the message about not holding back things because death could come at any time was powerful for me as my life profoundly changed this week and death a much bigger presence than ever before.

It brings a new perspective to life.

Doctor Who has been speaking to my every day since 1982 when I first saw it and it single handedly prevented my suicide 3 years later.

The show about life, death, and hope is alive and well.

And that makes me happy.

Timey Wimey indeed!


p.s. the “hologram” Doctor was a bit naff and a cop-out because the “Ghosts” should have seen through that ruse (pun intended). And when did The Doctor work out exactly what was going on and created the Ghost in the future to trigger him in past.

And if the future created the past, then he created it didn’t he? The ones who died for The Fisher King’s message that stopped just before Clara. Stirring up himself to create the scenario. That’s a bit cold isn’t it? Or pragmatic, like in the Mummy episode last year.

He was the one in stasis chamber (to survive the flood). He’s the one who used the “missing” power cell to destroy the dam and create the flood.

He created the future so that future could create the past.

“You can’t go back and save somebody you just saw die, because you really do then see ghosts.”


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