Review: Under The Lake

Do I really need to say it?













You’ve been warned.

Loved it. As Peter Capaldi said in an interview that this is a tried and true “Classic Who” trope…


trap on a base with then monster and no way out!

How Troughton is that.

I love it.

Peter’s Doctor is wonderful in this one with his wonderment at discovering “real” ghosts and wanting to study them.

He’s so into it his sensitivity to the dead commander and it’s crew is so Capaldi’s Doctor. Fascinated by the universe, bored by the mundane.

Sure they’ll want to kill you, but damn don’t you want to lock youself ina room and just find out everything you can before they kill you, they are so fascinating. 🙂

Clara, on the other hand has “gone native” and gotten to cocksure of not herself, but the Doctor. She’s too sure that they are basically invulnerable in the end and it will work itself out.

This could get her killed by the end of the season. 🙂

And that’s why the cliffhanger here is so effective because it’s not what Clara herself expects. One could say it was the very last thing she would expect.

“trust me”. Maybe just a little too much.

The Cards, now that was nice comedic touch to get the Doctor to have some proper manners around normal humans.

But this is the kind of adventure the Doctor does like. The mysteries of the universe unfolding before him and he gets to solve it.

The Time Lord who was “bored” on Gallifrey is certainly not bored by the mystery of these ghosts.

BUT, I have thrown down a flag of caution because the solution to the situation is for the Doctor to go back in time and save his companion and the others by solving the riddle in the past like he did with Davros.

The same, but slightly different, mcguffin two stories in a row? Really….

So the next episode will be a temporal prequel that will set up the solution to the first part. Even though that is similar to last story it does present it in a different way and it does use Time Travel in a way that Doctor Who usually does not.

So props for that.

In Classic Who there was an episode called “The Ark” where the Doctor helped the monoids who were enslaved to the human colonists and then later in the story he returns 700 years later to find that the situation had reversed itself, largely due to what the TARDIS crew did in the past.

So it’s not without precedent.

The Flood was obviously done to stop something very bad that the Doctor is going to confront in the next episode.

But are they really “ghosts” in the classic since, or will just be something very, very hi-tech or wibbly wobbly.

I think so.

The Supernatural always has some kind of explanation in Who at some level.

Over all, I enjoyed seeing a good old fashioned 60’s 70’s base under siege running up and down corridors style adventure.


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