Change, My Dear

I fear there is a drastic change coming to Doctor Who.

We have had 10 glorious years of NuWho, but that may well change completely.

As I speculated recently I think it entirely possible that after this year, the show could be off the air.

Or it will be off until, say 2017 or 18 and then re-booted entirely with a new Showrunner, New Doctor and New Companion.

But it makes so much money for the BBC and is so much more high profile than 30 years that they can’t just axe it without trying to soften the blow and let fandom down softly.

Or not.

But they promised a Series 10 already, you say.

I say, it’s a TV network, one under tremendous economic and political pressure.

What if “Series 10” is a series of specials like in 2009?

What if they air it in 2017 or later??

The BBC however told that it is ‘too early to confirm the schedule for future series at this point’.

The BBC has been poking around the issue of late. Reports about “doing more episodes” in one go, so they can spread them out over a longer period of time, and now reports of moving the show to just “specials” as an ‘event’ TV style are all cost cutting measures but meant to not incur the full blown wrath they received 30 years ago when they attempted to cancel the show outright (then succeed 4 years later).

“Worried BBC chiefs are considering scrapping next year’s series of Doctor Who and screening feature-length specials instead,” says the report.

“The cult show has hit a crisis period,” it continues. “Viewing figures have plunged below four million.” That bit, er, isn’t entirely accurate.

But inter-office politics are not stopped by truth. I did a blog on this recently.

“Last week they announced a spin-off series, Class, aimed at teenagers, to try to find a new army of Doctor Who fans.” That bit’s true.

The newer, cheaper, “Doctor Who”-Lite?

“Sources say they are also weighing up the drastic step of ­axeing the 12-series run planned for 2016. Instead they would film a couple of Sherlock-style feature-length specials plus a Christmas episode.”–Den of Geek.

That quite a change for many of us who have bask in the sun of the Greatest TV Show in History.

Nothing could ever stop it.


Especially, one under extreme pressure financially and politically.

So the winds of change are blowing. The BBC is searching for an answer.

And we fans, are consumers, not bean counters.

The product will likely change drastically, and many people can frightened of change.

I don’t want it to go!

I want it to be on every year for the rest of my life.

But I’m not in control of that.

And, the moment may being prepared for…

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Doctor Who fan like few others. Also a fan of Science Fiction, Cooking Shows and more.

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