Ode to The Sonic

OK, everybody, let’s calm down! There was a TV event this weekend that rocked the Whoniverse, and we need to just be cool about it.

You know, really cool. Maybe put on a pair of classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers and relax.

Sonic sunglasses

Too soon?

Some Doctor Who fans just aren’t in the mood to joke around about the Twelfth Doctor’s decision to ditch his trusty sonic screwdriver and slip on a pair of mid-life-crisis shades in the second episode of season 9, The Witch’s Familiar. And they haven’t been shy about saying so.

Why is that? Was this the same reaction inn 1981 when a Terrileptil destroyed the Sonic Screwdriver in “The Visitation” and it didn’t reappear until the 1996 TV Movie 15 years later.

Was it the end of the world then?  No.

Is it now? No.

But some people can be very frightened of change. 🙂

I personally, want to see where this goes. I didn’t really miss the Sonic during the majority of Davison, Baker and McCoy.

It’s a fun bit and a great Deus Ex Machina for getting past uncomfortable plot points and exposition needed. It can do anything the plot requires, even fix barb wire!

But if the writer doesn’t have that tool (maybe he has sunglasses instead) does that fundamentally change the story structure?

Possibly, it depends on how the “wearable technology” works in the end.

But, the Sonic was banished for 15 years because it was too easy to let the Sonic do the heavy lifting for you. It can make you lazy.

So if you don’t have it, you have to stretch muscles you haven’t used in a long time.

Is that a bad thing?

I don’t think so.

But knowing what I know of Moffat, he hasn’t so much banished the Sonic as regenerated it in a new and different form. Whether it stick around for awhile has yet to be determined.

Change is part of the show. Stop whining. It;s not like he gave us a Female Doctor… 🙂


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