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Well, what can I say, but that was not what I was expecting.

I guessed well enough that the Missy and Clara were teleported, rather than exterminated.

But the Evil Laurel & Hardy doubt act was fascinating.

Michelle Gomez is full on bonkers. She has no shame whatsoever. She plays it to the hilt and beyond.

They come to pit…

Clara: “throw a rock down there” to see how far it is.

Missy just pushes her off the edge and there’s an abort startle and a thump.

Missy: “20 feet”.


And these are one set of Sewers the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles never want to visit. 🙂

‘Between us and him is everything the deadliest race in all of history can throw at us. We, on the other hand, have a pointy stick.’– Missy

Last week Clara was a “puppy”. This week “every miner needs a canary”.

Just in case in between the laughs you forgot Missy is beyond insane.

The conundrum at the cliffhanger: The resolution was predictable. But it was well played as the last scene in the episode (which I figured would be the case) after all that had gone on. It had to happen that way, for everything to work itself out in the end.

The Doctor did not create Davros. He merely influenced him. But he influenced him in a good way. It will never be enough to out way the sheer evil of the man, but it gives him some humanity/Skaro-manity. It’s an infinitesimally small bit of good in a universe of bad.

It also brings to mind the scene in which a Doctor begs River for mercy…

I wonder where they learned that from? 🙂

When Davros asked The Doctor, “Am I a Good Man?”  that was chilling. It brings to light that Davros may be an evil genius and a mass murderer like no other, but ultimately he thinks he’s a good man because he help protect his “children”.

But Davros, yet again, missed a critical part of his plan.

Where is the Doctor?

Right Behind you, and 1 Step ahead! 🙂

Julian Bleach is to be commended for a Bravuro performance the likes have not been seen in 40 years. Michael Wisher done proud today.

The Doctor And Davros, share a laugh together!


Oh, and Clara Oswald, was a Dalek Again!


But this one doesn’t dream of Souffle’s.

And the psychology of a Dalek, not that was truly enlightening.

“I love you” = “exterminate”. Most emotions end in “exterminate”.

“I am a Dalek!” (when she tries to have an individual identity).

And Missy, rather mischievously,  tried to get The Doctor to kill his own companion. When he figured that out all he said to Missy was “Run!”. Not to get away from the Daleks, but get away from him before he kills her. At least that’s how I saw it.

Missy though has no grand scheme in this two parter, it’s largely seat of the pantsuit. She proves why she is sooo dangerous.

Also The Sonic Screwdriver has bit the big one. Not at the hands of a Terileptil‘s weapon though.

Sun Glasses are cool!

And finally, they used a Classic Who solution to the TARDIS being “destroyed”. It gave my fan boy geeky heart a good turn.

The HADS makes it’s reappearance.

I Love a Classical solution. Take that NuWho’ers!!

Fascinating episode overall, and it did delve into may psychological aspects and was a cracker of a story.

Well, played Moff. Well Played.

But I have a question for Maisie Williams– The Master’s Daughter?? 🙂

Time will tell, it always does.


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