The Menace of Davros

‘If someone who knew the future, pointed out a child to you, and told you that that child would grow up totally evil, be a ruthless dictator who would destroy millions of lives, could you then kill that child?’–Genesis of The Daleks

That’s what we’ll find out in a few days when the 2nd episode airs. I still don’t get the title “The Witch’s Familiar” but I suppose all shall be revealed in time.

“The bleak devastation he wreaks by the end of the episode is more powerful than any madcap plot to enslave the universe that has come before. And Julian Bleach, returning to the role, wrings every drop of menace.”.–UK Guardian

I agree that Julian Bleach is fantastic as Davros. He brings back the madness and menace of Davros that hasn’t been seen since Michael Wisher created the role in “Genesis of the Daleks”.

And remember, “Genesis” has been voted into the top 5 of just about any poll ever taken in the last 40 years, usually #1 or 2 or 3. So messing with a Classic is risky business.

So, nothing against Terry Molloy who has played Davros more than any other actor. He’s quite good at it. But both Bleach and Wisher brought so much more gravitas to the part. And unpredictability. You never quite knew when the bubbling menace might explode and madness pours forth like an erupting volcano. They just add that extra layer than wasn’t present in Molloy’s Davros.

“Compassion is wrong” Davros wants the Doctor to say. Which is fascinating, since compassion (at least originally) seems to have been the driving force behind the Doctor tossing the young Davros the sonic screwdriver.

I don’t want to get into the timey- wimey bit where the Davros that meets the 4th Doctor should have known about the Sonic Screwdriver.

But it’s also the driving force behind his hatred possibly. We haven’t seen how that scene in the hand minefield has played out yet but one assume originally Davros worked out how to get out of it.

Davros has become a much better character.

Now, episode 2 could change that for better or worse. We’ll find out soon enough.

The Daleks have always been The Nazis and thus, Davros is Hitler.

But I do wonder if the younger generations really understand that analogy. I really do.

And if you don’t fully understand it, is then a cartoon?

I would hope not.

This menace and evil personified.

 “Hunter and prey held in the ecstasy of crisis, is this not life at its purest?”

And could this not be said of The Doctor & Missy?

Much more of that in a few days.

Dude! 🙂

Who are you… The Doctor rocks a medieval crowd.

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  1. I agree hidden under a latex mask, Michael Wisher’s voice and emotion carried the part spectacularly. Julian Bleach has reached a near Wisher performance not quite given by the other Davros performers. An acting performance that is truly special.

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