The Worries of Davros

Forty years ago — or maybe a millennium ago, for the Doctor, or maybe, for Davros, somewhere down the line — a Time Lord in a long scarf held up the ends of two wires and questioned whether he had the right to let them touch. “If someone who knew the future pointed out a child to you and told you that that child would grow up totally evil — to be a ruthless dictator who would destroy millions of lives — could you then kill that child?” he asked. That question just became literal. It’s foreshadowing four decades in the making. It’s Doctor Who. (EW)

And that scene in “Genesis of The Daleks” is being revisited in a big way.

Genesis was just on BBC America last Sunday and I watch the last 2 episodes (It was Sunday I got up late, ok!) which are the most crucial ones.

There is an added poignancy to the Doctor dilemma 40 years on when you get to that moment last weekend when the child said his name was “Davros”.

Not that I didn’t see it coming though. Especially when you have a war of apparition going on at the beginning with high tech and low tech at the same time. In Who, that only means one thing – The Kaleds and The Thals.

So the boy had to be Davros. But there was still the WTF moment when the kid said it.

But watching “Genesis” again I noticed (probably not for the first time but I haven’t watched it in many years) that they changed the ramifications of blowing up the Daleks nursery of genetic mutants from destroying them completely to “delayed them for a 1000 years or so”.

So even then their “ultimate solution” was backpeddled.

But if the Daleks are buried for 1000 years, they might just be even more xenophobic and crazed than they would have been. So did the Doctor and The Time Lords do themselves any favors in firing the first shot in The Time War trying to pre-empt it?

Doesn’t look like it.

I won’t even speculate as to how The Moff is going to Timey Wimey his way out of this one. I just hope it’s a decent solution.

I forgave him for The War Doctor.

But if The Doctor kills Davros, it will alter the entire structure of Who history and fundamentally change everything and I’m not sure that the pay off will be that great.

I know its the whole “kill Hitler” time travel conundrum and it explores The Doctor’s temptation. But is the pay off going to be worth it?

Genesis of The Daleks is a classic for a reason. It’s fantastically well written. This started out very, very good, but the best parts of Genesis are at the end, will “The Witch’s Familiar” do justice to the first part?

This is grave stuff. It’s good stuff. If handled with the care it requires. You’re messing with a Classic.

I worry more about that, than the resolution of the 2 Parter.

I also worry that maybe Missy and Clara ARE dead and the rest of the season someone is going to be like “Sledge Hammer! The Early Years” (look it up)  where everything takes place BEFORE the act that killed them.

“The Girl Who Died” (Episode 5)

“Sleep No More” (Episode 9)

“Face The Raven” (Episode 10)

Heaven/Hell Bent — The two part finale.

All very “death” related.

And we know Jenna Coleman is not coming back for Series 10.

So? Where does that leave us?

Hanging, of course. Just where the Moff wants you be.

3 Days to go. Hang off that cliff for 3 days more. 🙂

I don’t have any answers, just lots of questions and a whole TARDIS full of worries.


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