The Magician’s Meditation Reviewed

Well, it was not a crowed theatre,maybe 20 or so, but I still had a good time.

The faux 3D (putting 3D on a 2D recording) was acceptable. Watching the 2-Parter on a Movie screen was more fun.

But, let’s talk about “The Magician’s Meditation”.

Don’t worry, there aren’t any spoilers in this, for the simple fact that the Magician’s Meditation didn’t have any spoilers to begin with.

The Doctor is hiding out in a Medieval English Castle, again.

He knows something bad is coming and he’s avoiding it.

The Meditation, such as it is, is him avoiding it.

That’s essentially all there is to this 10 minute short.

It’s a two-hander, Capaldi and 1 Medieval Knight talking. The extras, are well, extras.

There is also some nice comedy but it doesn’t give anything away, really.

I have my theory that this is all leading to Davros returning because it’s about an old frenemy.

But that is not implicitly or explicitly stated in the short.

In effect, it told us nothing.

Could this new Doctor Who prequel picture hint at a link to Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor?

The picture in question features Daniel Hoffmann-Gill as Bors, a character who appears to be some sort of Viking, and who will reappear in series nine opener The Magician’s Apprentice. And standing alongside him is Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor, holding a chalice.

A Chalice very similar to the Sisterhood of Karn…Hmmm…

The interview with Wil Wheaton, which was bizarrely intercut with scenes from Magician’s Meditation that we had just watched, was more informative in it’s own way.

That I will not spoil!

Fascinating evening. Enjoyed myself. Just wish the crowd had been bigger, like the sell out crowds for the previous events I went to.

Going to be an interesting series. 🙂


The BBC has not formally confirmed it (and probably won’t for awhile) but it is strongly hinted that Jenna Coleman is FINALLY and ACTUALLY Leaving by the end of this Series.

I do like Clara as a character, but this constant Tegan-teasing of Clara is wearing a bit thin.

I think it’s also quite possible that Moffat and Capaldi could follow.

We’ll just have to see, time also tells. 🙂


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