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Now on EBay: First Doctor Who Annual Autographed by William Hartnell

Well, it’s not often that something quite as astonishing as this turns up – a signed copy of the first Doctor Who annual, with a dedicated signature from William Hartnell himself – has been listed on eBay by a Kasterborous reader.

Signed examples of this book are quite rare, and as you’ll see from the seller’s story, he’s made some checks to verify the autograph’s authenticity.

Here are the details of the listing:



This is a good copy of the first William Hartnell annual. Inside the pages is an autograph by the first Doctor, William Hartnell, signed to a Peter in 1965. I have checked with online sites and groups such as the Facebook Doctor Who Autograph Collectors Club – DWACC on July 3rd for some verification.

The message reads – “To Peter Here’s to a happy Christmas yours [or from?] William Hartnell Dr “Who” 1965. My mum bought this for me from a second hand book shop or charity shop in Sheerness when she was teaching there in the 80s. I already had all the Doctor Who annuals she got me from there, but this was in better condition than the one I already had, so I kept this. It was months later that I noticed the autograph after a friend pointed it out. It is written in blue pen (that does not indent on the other side of the page).

Now, you’re not going to get an item like this cheaply. If you’re interested, head to eBay to get your hands on it!

But be warned, The opening bid requested is $999 British Pounds ($1537 US)!!

I have that annual, not autographed though. But I’m not spending that kind of $$$. Sorry. I have to have limits.


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