Magician of Time

“You must never trust the Doctor, because his knowledge of the past and the future is comprehensive and deep and not quite human. So, in his human form, I think he’s decided – because he knows how dark it can get outside – that he’s going to have a good time. But as always in Doctor Who, no good time goes unpunished.”–Peter Capaldi

Really, you wanna trust a guy who has a near comprehensive view of the universe, he can see many alternates too. So it does bring up the question of does The Doctor know your fate before you do? And if he does, why does he travel with you anyhow??

Did he know Rose’s fate beforehand? And if so why was he so broken up by it. Did he know she’d go on to Torchwood with her alternate universe father?

Did he know Osgood was coming back??

For the drama to unfold for us humans, he can’t. If we knew everything in advance this would be a boring procedural and not a fantasy science fiction family show.

We can’t know everything ahead of time. We have to go on the journey with him and his companion.

We can’t see it coming. But does he?

I think there are limitations to his power, otherwise if he knew everything already then he wouldn’t be the child-like wanderer and adventure thrill-seeker that he is.

The discovery is the thing. The thrill is the thing. Just like it is for us humans when a new episode comes out.

If knowledge was that comprehensive, it wouldn’t be fun. Spoilers! 🙂

A example that I can think of is from the 1980’s Arcade culture.

“Dragon’s Lair” was the first laser disc based arcade game ever. It had a story. It had moves that had to be discovered and done in a specific order and with lighting fast timing.

But once you amazed the emassed crowds with your prowise, and after days of hard work, where you’ve mastered the game from beginning to end it gets boring. Now you’re just showing off, which The Doctor does frequently.

I, like many masters of that game, wanted to rescue the Dragon and not the Princess because she was such a diva. But we couldn’t. The game was not programmed for that. It was a very linear game in that way and in the end not very satisfying.

So the universe and time are time wimey so it makes it more fun to break the rules and have some fun and discover new things while impressing the crowd (aka the Companion, UNIT,etc).

But you don’t know everything. He’s got an amazing Universal Britannica knowledge of most things though.

So I like the sentiment expressed by Mr. Capaldi, I’m just not sure “comprehensive” is the right word.

It can’t be, or it would be no fun for him and as a boy and a 2,000 year old Time Lord he wouldn’t be constantly running around the universe begging for something interesting to happen if his knowledge was THAT comprehensive.

The capacity to be surprise is crucial to The Doctor, and just as crucial to the Fan.

Without it, why bother. It may be fun to revisit it, but if you knew ahead of time that MIssy was The Master would that ruin it for you and then The Doctor who have to feign surprise and that’s not very dramatic or fun.

He’s a Magician of Time 🙂 but he’s not all powerful or all comprehensive.

“The Doctor and Clara are excited about the idea of having adventures this series, but that’s a dangerous thing to do. They can’t have a good time for too long. They have to pay for it. The Doctor has a profound knowledge of the past and future and he knows how things will come off in the end.”–  Peter Capaldi

“He is aware darkness will fall.”

Let’s hope it’s darkness and not silence…:)

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