One Hander or One Ego?

The new season of Doctor Who will feature the show’s first ever episode with only one actor.

The first installment of Season 9’s two-part finale will be a single-hander with just Peter Capaldi and no other cast members, the Daily Star reports.

Executive producer Brian Minchin commented: “Doctor Who has always been about taking risks. It’s never sat down and done a normal episode. It’s always done something extraordinary. Our audience likes to be challenged.”

Written by Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat, Episode 11 has been described by director Rachel Talalay as “one of the most complicated and different episodes that I’ve ever done.”

Moffat himself has described the story as “a ludicrous challenge.”

Doctor Who 9 11

I’m up for it because Peter Capaldi is that good. But my worry is that we’ll get the Doctor Who equivalent of

Star Trek V: The Search for Shatner’s Ego (and God) and they found both!

Moffat is not a modest man in that sense so I hope this is drama exercise and not exercise in ego.

The experimental nature of a several of the episodes mentioned so far makes me wonder if the show is about to be cancelled so they are trying ever desperate thing they can?

It’s the cynic in me that has watch this kind of thing go on before many times.

It worries me deeply.


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