2nd Anniversary

Today is the 2nd Anniversary of this blog. I had planned something big and exciting, then life got in the way so it didn’t happen.

But I would never have guessed it would still be here 2 years later.


This week, showrunner Steven Moffat gave SFX Magazine a partial rundown of the new series, episode by episode, with the obvious exclusion of the season finale.

Episodes 1 and 2 are set to be a double header involving a search for the Doctor, who has gone missing. Moffat, in describing the episode, coined the new adjective, “Star Wars-y.” Episodes 3 and 4 are another double header featuring ghosts, and Episode 5 will feature the highly anticipated introduction of Maisie Williams to Doctor Who’s pantheon of guest stars. Episode 6 introduces Rufus Hound as a highwayman, and the next two episodes will feature Zygons in a follow up of the situation set up in the 50th anniversary special. Moffat has been tight-lipped about the last two episodes, apart from mentioning that one has been written by seasoned Doctor Who writer Mark Gatiss, who is known for his thought-provoking and clever scripts, and who, according to Moffat, has produced another “unusual” story. The other is written by a writer new to Doctor Who, Sarah Dollard, and is described as “a terrific idea”.

Remember what I said about a starving fan in the TV Desert between scenes. Well, welcome to the aperitif at the Oasis. You get a few salty crackers to go with that thirst. Here’s your waitress to take your order…

Interestingly, they are apparently outside of Eddie’s, the American Diner, in the heart of Cardiff Bay’s Mermaid Quay restaurant center.

I haven’t been in it when I’ve been in Cardiff for the simple reason that an American Diner in Cardiff is not a novelty to an American. 🙂  I ate at COTE’ around the corner last time I was there.

It was last scene in Series 6.

Since they have no US filming this year I suppose this will be a faux-America component.

Time will tell, it always does.


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