Mission Dalek

The BBC threw out some mystery meat yesterday.

So, naturally, Doctor Who fans will gobble it up like a man who has crossed a TV dessert for months with no food and then like Gordon Ramsay analyze it down to the molecular level and speculate intensely on whether the meal was worth it..

It’s what we do.

And we do better than just about anyone. Star Trek Fans are very good at expanding their universe in ways no one ever expected, but they don’t have the Walking Dead ravenousness of a WHO fan between series.

Heck 16 years off the TV didn’t even faze many fans who, Like Star Trek, just kept the faith and did it themselves until they were in power and Bam! it comes back.

So what is “Mission Dalek”?


My speculation?

It could be a game tie-in to be released around mid-september. After all, LEGO Dimension gets released Sept 27th.

It could be an online thing like the Torchwood shorts were years ago.

It could have something to do with the Dalek episode this year, which rumored to have Davros in it. Could we be revisting “Genesis of The Daleks”?

WHO knows.

But speculating is what we do. šŸ™‚

About mydoctor1962

Doctor Who fan like few others. Also a fan of Science Fiction, Cooking Shows and more.

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