There was a TARDIS meeting at my house last night. TARDIS is The Arizona Regional Doctor Who Interest Society, a fan club.

We watched “Dragonfire”, the last episode of Season 24. I was a bit hesitant because there is one scene with the umbrella hanging over a cliff that just bugs me so I was resistant, though I love Sylvester.

This is the last Mel, and the First Ace. So it is a transition point in many ways for Classic Who because with ACE and this Doctor we get a very progressively 21st Century feel going for Sylvester’s last 2 season where the Companion and her backstory are explored and sometime even the center of the story.

Mel Screams and is inane. Ace blows things up, calls The Doctor “Professor”  and has more back story in this episode alone than most Classic WHO companions get, period.

It’s a very different style than WHO had had before. It is the style adopted by NuWho.

So watching the episode, its way better than I remembered. That scene still bugs me, but overall it’s a solid story.

So I think we should all revisit those Doctor Who episodes we half-remember and just see if they really aren’t better than we thought. “The Gunfighters”, “Fear Her” excluded. 🙂

So to all you naysayers and followers of the meme that “Sylvester’s Doctor killed WHO”, maybe you shouldn’t judge a book by its memory.


Doctor’s Finest on BBC America:

And here’s the remaining schedule, so set your calendar appointments accordingly!

Saturday, August 22

8/7c – The End of Time

Saturday, August 29

8/7c – Vincent and the Doctor

9:15/8:15c – The Doctor’s Wife

Saturday, September 5

8/7c – The Day of the Doctor

Saturday, September 12

8/7c – The Time of the Doctor

Friday, September 18

8/7c – Deep Breath


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