Future War

I am not a fan or rumor mongering. But I find the possibility of the following to be true, interesting.

Private Eye, the British satirical magazine, really has become a font of knowledge for the inside goings-on at the Doctor Who production offices.

Satire has a layer of truth in it. I know, I love satire.

Doctor Who fans are just over a month away from an explosive new season of the show—but apparently that might be the last drip of new episodes we get for a while, with a rumor claiming that the show won’t be returning in 2016. At least for a full season.

The rumor comes from British satirical magazine Private Eye, known for its commentary on the goings-on behind the scenes at the BBC. Their latest issue reported today that with Steven Moffat busy with his other series, the monstrously popular Sherlock, the BBC staff have been informed not to expect a tenth season of Doctor Who to air next year.

Could that be why the BBC announced the renewal of Doctor Who so early? They wanted the fans to know that if it goes “on haitus” like it did in 1985 that it doesn’t mean cancellation. Or it could have been a political move, like in 1985’s “hiatus” that lasted 18 months and would have been indefinite except for pressure from many quarters.

So is history about to repeat itself?

The BBC is currently “under attack” according to many by the Conservative tories in power right now to be less of a Governent entity and to survive on its own merits.

Steven Moffat ripped the British government Saturday during “Sherlock’s” TCA panel, calling the potential for the BBC’s pulled public funding “vandalism of the worst kind.”

“I think what’s going on is outrageous. It’s absolutely terrible and wrong and ill conceived,” Moffat told a Beverly Hilton ballroom full of TV critics. “It staggers me that we’ve got a government [that] got elected, and decided that the main problem with Britain is our national broadcasting. Does anybody think that?”

“They must have something more important to do,” he continued. “The trouble is, it’s an oddity — the BBC — to say the least. It’s an extraordinary oddity that it’s so good. You don’t ordinarily have a national broadcaster that is that amazing.”

The British government is currently considering yanking public funding from the famed BBC, instead potentially insisting on a subscription fee to keep the TV model specifically afloat. The radio arm is more likely to stay focused on public programming and thus less likely to be abandoned by the government.

“If we switch it off, we won’t know how to put it back on again,” Moffat opined, calling the BBC “a beacon and an icon.” He added: “And everything … will be less good.”

“To damage that for temporary political gain is vandalism of the worst kind,” he concluded.

So Private Eye alleges:

The report also alleges that the decision comes from an ongoing tussle between the BBC and Steven Moffat, who is under pressure from the corporation to stand down from Doctor Who and commit his time to Sherlock, instead of attempting to manage two of the BBC’s most popular dramas at the same time.

Private Eye have a proven track record of Doctor Who rumors, accurately reporting on the departure of former producers as well as the show’s previous scheduling decisions. It’s interesting to note that the report also says that there is no “full” series planned, leaving the potential open for a series of specials (similar to the show’s hiatus in 2009, following the departure of both David Tennant and Russell T Davies) or even as was the case with seasons 6 and 7, the option of a split series—an unpopular move—with some episodes airing in 2016 and the rest airing in 2017.

Whatever the case is though, it seems like there’s a good chance Doctor Who fans might be spending a good chunk of next year twiddling their thumbs in anticipation

Since I have held the belief for many decades about TV, specifically US TV, that the program is just there to take up the space between the commercials and whatever fills that more successfully and profitably is what we’ll get then the BBC may be headed in that direction in some form or fashion which mean Doctor Who is even more “just a commodity” than it is now.

Make no mistake, it is a profit machine now. And its profits that really matter.

What’s going on is a culture war between the old BBC ideals and the new 21st Century realities. And they clash. HARD.

And the outcome will effect our favorite program’s future.

It could also be a power struggle between Moffatt and the BBC interlaced with the politics of money.

Remember Phillip Hinchcliffe? Remember John Nathan-Turner??

It would not be the first time the BBC and the Head of Doctor Who clashed.

The future is unknown.

But like The Doctor, we have to have hope that he will triumph once again.

We’ll just have to wait and see. Maybe until 2017.

Hope for the best. Prepare a LONG winter.


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