Thinking Ahead

I was woken up in the middle of the night tonight because suddenly I had an idea for a panel at Phoenix Comic Con 2016, which is 10 months from now.

Isn’t it funny how the mind works. I was just saying last Sunday to a friend that I hadn’t even thought about it.

The biggest problem I have with panel ideas is being to geeky. Too inside the minutiae because after nearly 33 years as a Doctor Who fan I have forgotten more things than most people knew to begin with.

Not to be condescending, because it’s really not meant that way, it’s like Marvin the Paranoid Android from Hitchhicker’s Guide, “I have trouble thinking down to your level”.

It’s not just me though. I know people who have this same level of knowledge on other shows or fandoms.

We love it so much we are immersed into every detail and when it comes time to share it with the masses, sometimes that can be a hard thing to do.

But it’s one of the greatest things I can think of doing. Sharing my passion for Doctor Who is what I WANT to do. But I don;t want to do at an intimidating level. After all, if start of telling a newbie or potential newbie that the show is 52 years old and that Series 9 coming up is really Series 35 (not to mention 15 years of Big Finish, etc.) the daunting task of trying to assimilate all that shuts down the enthusiasm for some people.

The idea is to get them in the door, get them hooked and then let them discover the broader horizons on their own.

My job is to open the door, not flood them to overload.

So I will cogitate on my idea, see where it goes. Whether it grows. Then we’ll see if blooms next year.

In the meantime, so many other people to convert. šŸ™‚

Resistance is Useless, you will be Assimilated…eventually. šŸ™‚

P.s. 3 days until Series 8 is on Netflix and Hulu… šŸ™‚

About mydoctor1962

Doctor Who fan like few others. Also a fan of Science Fiction, Cooking Shows and more.

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