Curious Fandom

A few days ago it was announced that in advance of the Series 9 premiere the Series 8 2-Part Finale would be released in Theaters nationwide with a prequel for Series 9 included.

I jumped right on it. Maybe a little too fast and didn’t get the best theater for it. But oh, well, at least the set won’t shake.

But then, this morning, I was thinking about why I, and hundreds (maybe  thousands), would show up to a theater and pay $14 to watch a 3D showing of an 2-Part episode we already have on blu-ray to begin with!

It’s not like we just watched it on TV and a few days later went to the theater and paid to watched it again…. 🙂

Is it the Prequel to the episode that will be on that weekend?

Is it the fan experience of showing up to a theater full of like minded Doctor Who Geeks?

The answer would be, YES.

Doctor Who fans love to get together and geek out with each other. Otherwise, Gallifrey One wouldn’t be going into it’s 27th year in 2016 and sold out in under an hour.

We are Doctor Who fans, we are different.

After all, do fans of Arrow or Agents of SHIELD show up at movie theaters for a prequel?


But we do.

And we’re suckers $$$ for it. Hook, Line and sinker.

The BBC and BBC America are so lucky to have us. 🙂

So rejoice fans of the best TV show in the world, it’s only 7 weeks to go.

I will be there with my 7th Doctor on.

Join us won’t you. Bwah hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…. 🙂


About mydoctor1962

Doctor Who fan like few others. Also a fan of Science Fiction, Cooking Shows and more.

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