Capaldi’s Top 10

Doctor Who 8 Peter Capaldi TARDIS London
Peter Capaldi proves again, just what an uber fan boy he really is…
Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi has picked out his favourite episodes of the show to cheer himself up.

Speaking to Doctor Who: The Fan Show, Capaldi was asked to name which Doctor Who adventures he’d pop into his DVD player on a rainy day.

Here are his 10 choices…



Doctor Who Billie Piper Rose“I think ‘Rose’ is always great. I think Christopher Eccleston is so fabulous in that and Billie Piper and also the courage of bringing Doctor Who back is very exciting.”


‘The Girl in the Fireplace’

Doctor Who The Girl in the Fireplace“‘The Girl in the Fireplace’ is fabulous. David [Tennant] is absolutely fabulous in that. You know, I think he has the wonderful quality of a romantic lead about him.”


‘The Vampires of Venice’

Doctor Who vampires of Venice“‘The Vampires of Venice’ I like very much. I think Matt [Smith] is fabulous in that. He is great. He’s always able to walk that line between being comic and dramatic very nimbly. He’s brilliant at that.”


‘The Rings of Akhaten’

Doctor Who Rings of Akhaten“‘The Rings of Akhaten’ I like a lot.”

That one should annoy some of the fanboy elites who pissed all over this one.

‘The Ark in Space’

Doctor Who The Ark in Space

“From the old classic series, there’s so many there. I love ‘The Ark in Space’. I think ‘The Ark in Space’ is great because I love Tom Baker with his hair, it’s just like the most wildest hair ever.

“I think later on as you watch the rest of his time as Doctor Who he started to get a perm or something. But in his first season, he looks more like Hapro Marx towards the end of his run. But in his first season he’s just got this absolute mess of Bohemian hair which is about this size. It’s like, what would you call it? A Tom Fro? A Doc Fro. He’s got a big Doc Fro.

“And also his speech in that. And about human beings. He just takes grasp of the role of Doctor Who, you know, in that story so completely.”

‘Terror of the Autons’

Doctor Who Jon Pertwee Terror of the Autons Jo Grant

“‘Terror of the Autons’ – do you want me to go on?”

‘Frontier in Space’

Doctor Who Frontier in Space The Master

“You know, I could sit and watch Jon Pertwee do anything. I could sit and watch him read the telephone books. Every time I watch him because he has such authority. You know, if you’re in trouble you want those doors to swing open and Jon Pertwee to come stormin in with a flap of his cape.

“I love the last episode of ‘Frontier in Space’. Isn’t that one of the great Doctor Who stories ever? It’s fabulous, because you’ve got everything in that. But also magnificently, it’s one of those episodes where you go ‘is he going to regenerate now?’ and it was so weird that he was knocked out and he touches… I think it’s the first time we see the TARDIS telepathic circuits. He says ‘I’m sending a message to the Time Lords!’ – because he’s about to keel over.

“But the telepathic circuits then are just like two big discs, whereas we have this lovely rubbery stuff that you touch now.”

‘The Dalek Invasion of Earth’

Doctor Who The Dalek Invasion of Earth

“‘The Dalek Invasion of Earth’ is fantastic.”

‘The Web of Fear’

Doctor Who the web of fear

“‘The Web of Fear’ is another fabulous Doctor Who story that just has to be watched, with Patrick Troughton.”

‘The Mind Robber’

Doctor Who The Mind Robber Second Patrick Troughton

‘The Mind Robber’ is absolutely brilliant. Watch that if you get any time on a rainy day. Because Patrick Troughton is just one of the most extraordinary actors.

“Just his delicacy, his ability to jump from irate to being kindly and clownish.”


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