Fansided- The New Generations

A piece I submitted to the site “Fansided” today (so I might as well use it). It was done extemporaneously.


Let’s talk about classic monsters in the new era. I am what I call “Classically Trained” in Doctor Who, meaning I have been a fan since 1982 so I was ‘raised’ as it were on the Classic era of the show though back then it wasn’t “classic” yet.

So I am a fan who was raised on the “shaky sets” and “wobbly monsters” with the zipper up the back. I am more of a concept kind of guy rather than special/visual effects oriented fan.

The Myrka and The Skarasen excluded.

So I approach the re-introduction of Classic Who Monsters into new era much like sharing a favorite childhood toy or memory with the next generation. You want them to love it just as much as you did.

Re –introducing The Daleks I think is easy because they are just so perfect an idea. Though, then facts of their origins in World War II Cardiff are long since gone except by old timers like me, the concept is still understandable and just as frightening today. The context of an enemy that has no remorse and is relentless and ruthless is just as powerful an idea now as it was about the Nazis bombing Cardiff in World War II which was the inspiration for them by creator Terry Nation.

The Daleks are quintessentially Doctor Who. The ultimate bad guys. The ones that will always be. The Daleks will likely be in the 100th Anniversary Special in 2063. They are that strong an idea.

The Cybermen, equally so. Dr. Kit Pedler’s nightmare of people replacing their bodies with mechanical devices and eventually losing their humanity is strangely more relevant today than it was in 1966 when the Cybermen debuted because of the advances in technology and the very real possibilities that this could come true in the not-so-distant future.

They are the cautionary tale that is very relevant to today’s generation.

The Macra less so. When they appeared in “Gridlock” I had to really wonder about that one. Who in their right minds except an extreme fan boy like me would get a kick out of this appearance? You know what, I think that was the point. It really was just a thrill for older fans, the newer generations wouldn’t understand it in that context but they might want to check out Classic Who because of it.

And I think that is the best use of Classic Monsters in the new era, to get the jaded HD TV generation to sit down and enjoy a little rubber monster zipper action. To understand the joy and the wonder of a great idea and an ambition way above its means. That is Classic Who to me.

The show could not compete in budget, back in the day, but it was as boundless as Time and Space with its ideas and that since of child-like wonder and creativity should be shared with the current and future generations.


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