Netflix Speculation

For all you streamers out there.

We have some news about Doctor Who Season 8, but nothing is official as of yet, and based on that new information, we have a theory about when Series 8 of Doctor Who will be available on Netflix.

Series 9 of Doctor Who will premiere on September 19, 2015. BBC announced the premiere date at San Diego Comic-Con and released an exclusive teaser trailer. If you haven’t seen Season 8, you probably are not going to watch that trailer. Just an F.Y.I.

Thanks to our friends over at Doctor Who Watch, we learned Series 7 of Doctor Who was added to Netflix, in its entirety, exactly two weeks before Series 8 premiered. Going back further, Doctor Who release dates have been all over the board, from six months before a series premiere, like Series 6, to two weeks after the series premiere date, like Series 5.

With BBC shows, it’s always tricky for Netflix because of streaming rights and working around potential problems.

Based on the September 19 premiere date, I think we can pretty much guarantee Series 8 of Doctor Who is going to be on Netflix before the Series 9 premiere. That just makes too much sense. On top of that, we can pretty much guarantee Doctor Who Series 8 is not going to be coming to the streaming service in July. It wasn’t on the list of new additions, and unless Netflix wants to surprise everyone, it’s probably not going to happen.

That leaves about seven weeks from August 1 to September 19. Any day in between could be the date Doctor Who Series 8 joins Netflix. However, I think we can narrow it down even further.

A lot of Netflix’s new additions happen about two weeks before a new season premieres. That’s the agreement Netflix has with AMC and a couple of other networks. That two-week window gives viewers enough time, usually, to re-watch or catch up if they need to, and it helps generate interest for the premiere. Honestly, that’s the route I see Doctor Who taking to get to Netflix.

As of right now, I expect Doctor Who Series 8 to be available on Netflix roughly two weeks before the premiere. September 5 and 19 are both Saturdays, so if I had to pick a day, I’d pick September 4 to be the day Doctor Who Series 8 joins Netflix.

Unfortunately, this prediction is only for Netflix US. (Fansided)


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