WHO & DS9?

writer Tony Lee has open the vaults and let Doctor Who fans have a rummage through his unrealised pitch for a Doctor Who/Star Trek: DS9 crossover.

Blogging the entire eight-issue pitch – which was originally intended to follow on from IDW’S successful Assimilation2 run – Lee, who worked on four issues of that run, was one of several writers invited to pitch ideas for another Doctor Who/Star Trek property crossover in March 2013 with Deep Space Nine the favourite between him and Denton Tipton, editor of the Doctor Who books.

Unfortunately for those eager to see more of the Doctor and Starfleet, in July 2013, IDW and the BBC went their separate ways, with Titan now handling the licence.

Amounting to a tantalising ‘what if?’ and probably some of the best fan fiction you’re likely to read, the pitch, titled Domination, sees the Doctor and a time – augmented Sontaran Battle Fleet thrown through a wormhole into the Alpha Quadrant; there they find themselves facing the might of Deep Space Nine and the Federation.

But when the Sontarans join with the Jem’Hadar, the Doctor must help Deep Space Nine stop this, taking the fight into the Gamma Quadrant and into the past where they meet the crew of the original Enterprise, while Clara finds herself in the midst of an invasion, forced to team with Quark to save the station while avoiding zealot Bajoran cults and Federation’s Section 31…

You can read the entire breakdown on Tony Lee’s site or alternatively you can hear the man himself – along with artists Kelly Yates and Robert Hack – talk about this, his tenure at IDW, and other lost IDW Doctor Who stories, thanks to Doctor Who: Panel to Panel’s recording (play’s automatically) of the Long Island Who Conventions IDW Comics Retrospective.(Kasterborous)


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