Series 9, 10 & Moffat

Just a short hint at the future of Doctor Who here: Mr Steven Moffat – showrunner since Matt Smith’s first full series, series 5 – will officially stay with the show until series 10, at least. 

It’s not surprising that the BBC wants Moffat to stay, seeing as his reign has seriously broadened the show’s American success and turned Doctor Who into one of the broadcaster’s biggest exports. Moffat also successfully steered the good ship Who through the big fiftieth anniversary year, including the overseeing of The Day Of The Doctor and The Night Of The Doctor, as well as finding time to make his cameo in The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot (which gifted us with an image of him which we endeavour to use in every news story about him ever).

The news of his contract extension came at an event in New York, where he simply said he had ‘just signed up for another year.’

Of course, there will be those who take this news negatively, but it’s impossible to deny Moffat’s role in securing the future of Doctor Who.

More Doctor Who news as it happens. Or, y’know, slightly after it happens.  (Den of Geek)

But W=will he end up being John Nathan Turner in the end, a burnt out shell hate by “the fans”?
I just worry that his “upping the gae” every year will lead to things that should not be done so he should leave before his ego goes there.
Moffat: “I’ll be honest, I thought when I took it over, and it was more or less said to me – I took over about half-way through the ten years [of nuWho] – I thought I was there to preside over the gentle, respectable and decent decline, because that’s what happens to shows that run for a long while.”
He might still get his wish…
Action! Peter Capaldi hit Barry Island beach on Monday with a patriotic parachute to shoot scenes for the ninth series of Doctor Who

n between takes the actor, who is back for his second series as the Time Lord, was spotted chatting to co-star Ingrid Oliver.

The 37-year-old comedian and actress is reprising her role as UNIT scientist and Time Lord superfan Osgood for a two-part episode, despite being murdered by Missy (Michelle Gomez) in the series eight finale.

Daredevil: While he didn't actually leap out of the sky, the parachute sequence looks to be part of an exciting new storyline for the 12th Doctor
Let Zygons be Zygons??

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