For the Record

UK Guardian:

For the record, Jenna Coleman has not left – and is not leaving – Doctor Who. Well, not just yet. “My contract came up last year and I decided that because I’d only done one series with Peter [Capaldi], I wanted a bit more time to explore that relationship. Also, he’s the Gandalf of Doctor Who! He seems to have that mythical thing about him, and we’re great buddies behind the scenes.” Talking about where her character, Clara, might go next is virtually impossible, she says. “You pick up a script and get a sniff of where things are going, but any speculation Peter and I have, the story never goes in that direction.”


A recent press release from BBC Books has confirmed the format and number of episodes for Doctor Who Series 9. It also confirms that this year will have another Christmas Special.
In the BBC Books press release it states that there are 12 “weekly shows” and a Christmas Special in 2015.
This follows the same format as Series 8 in 2014, which also had 12 episodes followed by a one hour festive special. So far the BBC have confirmed the writers of the first half of the series: Steven Moffat, Toby Whithouse, Jamie Mathieson and Catherine Tregenna. We also know that Mark Gatiss has a story coming up too (possibly a two-parter).


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