Doctor Evil

The new series of Doctor Who will kick off with one of the show’s darkest ever plots – as Peter Capaldi’s Time Lord ponders whether to murder a child.

The dramatic season nine opener is based on a line muttered 40 years ago by Tom Baker’s Doctor in 1975 episode Genesis of the Daleks.

He asked: “If someone who knew the future pointed out a child to you and told you that child would grow up totally evil, to be a ruthless dictator who would destroy millions of lives, could you then kill that child?”

Capaldi’s nightmare will unfold after the Tardis takes him to a battlefield where he finds a young boy stumbling through smoke.

He soon realises he is face to face with his arch-enemy Davros – the creator of the Daleks. As a grown-up, evil Davros – played by Julian Bleach – was last seen in 2009, when he locked horns with David Tennant’s Time Lord.

This time he returns to the Dalek planet of Skaro and captures the Doctor to steal his
regeneration energy.

But speaking about the next series, which started filming in January, show boss Steven Moffat insisted he has made the Doctor more light-hearted this time around. “Peter magnifies anything that is dark so I’m pushing him the other way,” he said.

“He’s also got a Scottish gloom about him. It was great fun to do for a year but that’s not how we’re going to play the rest of him.”

He added: “As ever, Doctor Who is a combination of complete daft silliness and loads of people getting slaughtered in the early evening. Peter is getting stronger and more confident in the role.” (Scottish Daily Record and The Miirror)

He also mentioned the comedy angle of the show: “I told the [show’s] writers, don’t just write him mean, write him funny – because he’ll make any joke fly.”

How does this jive with:


and Missy??

Maybe it doesn’t. It wouldn’t be the first falsehood sent out, after all, The Moff Lies.



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