The Next One

Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss, who has contributed seven episodes to Doctor Who, has recently spoken about his thoughts of becoming the successor to Steven Moffat’s throne as the showrunner.

Speaking at the GALHA Annual Lunch in November 2014, Gatiss was asked what his thoughts are on becoming the next showrunner of the hit BBC science-fiction series. Gatiss replied: “I don’t think about this… To be honest with you, I’m very happy and very busy doing what I’m doing. Almost a little too busy actually.”

He also added that he was writing a new Doctor Who story that was going to take him a long time. As he’s already confirmed as a member of the writing roster for Series 9, it’s highly likely he is referring to the script that will be used in the forthcoming series.

Mark Gatiss has been considered for the role of showrunner for many years, both during and pre-dating the current Moffat era of Doctor Who. Having spoken very minimally of that possibility before now, it was unclear what Gatiss’ thoughts on the matter were. Despite this recent interview, Gatiss is still the considerable favourite to take on the reins of the show.

Even some of us at K Towers reckon he could be the next showrunner!

However, there are now more candidates for the position emerging from the writers circle. These include Jamie Mathieson, who wrote two well-received scripts for Series 8; Toby Whithouse, who has contributed to Doctor Who for many years with fan favourite episodes like The God Complex; and even Gareth Roberts and Phil Ford, both of whom have wrote popular serials.

What are your thoughts on Mark Gatiss possibly becoming the next showrunner of Doctor Who? Is it a good or a bad idea? Who else should be considered for the role of executive producer?

Phil Ford would work for me, but he like Children’s TV too much to leave it.

Someone needs to step in just to refresh the place before Mr. Moffat casts a woman to be politically correct.


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