A Big Bang Last Night

The “Big Bang Theory” had the longest and most sustained Doctor Who sub plot ever on last night’s episode. Maybe one of these days we’ll get a Guest Star gag.


Howard and Bernadette find themselves in a pickle after she insists that he sell his life-size TARDIS, a replica of the time-traveling police box from the cult hit ‘Doctor Who’. They decide to settle the issue the way all happily married couples in healthy relationships do: by waging a ‘Game of Thrones’-inspired battle. As in the HBO hit, they each choose a champion (Bernadette picks Penny, Howard chooses Raj) but instead of a bloody duel, they engage in a game of ping pong.


Bernadette sees the writing on the wall and tells Raj the TARDIS will be his if he throws the game, which he does. This causes Howard to sub Amy in for Raj and Bernadette to pull Penny and replace her with Howard. The game ties up quickly, but Bernie is not going down without a fight.

Once it comes down to the final point, Bernadette convinces Amy to throw the match as well by reminding her that she can replace her bedroom door with the TARDIS doors in an attempt to lure Sheldon inside.

Unfortunately, it’s going to take a lot more than that For Amy to get Sheldon into bed. While he is eager to role play in the bedroom, pretending to play Doctor Who isn’t exactly what she had in mind.

It was a fun gag.


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