Anniversary Day: A Trip of a Life Time


Today is the 10th Anniversary of NuWho. (the first 10th Anniversary was in 1973 so how many shows do you know that get 2 10th Anniversaries!) Today, a TV legend was reborn. No one knew if it would work. Many thought it couldn’t work.

The old fans wouldn’t watch because they were over it, that was something they watched as a kid.

The younger fans wouldn’t watch because it was something their parents’ liked when they were kids.

Then there’s US, the Americans. We were not considered too much back then. If you watched the first episode 10 years ago, you were downloading it or had access to Canadian TV. Wink Wink Nudge Nudge. That was it.

I didn’t have hi-speed internet back then, dial-up took 24 continuous hours to download “Rose”!!

BBC America wasn’t very “british” back then in my opinion and the Sci-Fi Channel was getting less Sci-Fi by the day.

Technically, Series 1 didn’t premiere on these shores until 2006 and on The Sci-Fi Channel no less!

Where it wasn’t shown much love.

“Initially, the Region 1 DVD release announced for 14 February 2006 was limited to Canada, with the US release delayed until a broadcaster could be found. When none seemed forthcoming, BBC Worldwide announced that the US DVD release would be available at the same time as the Canadian one. In the interim, however, Series 1 was picked up by Sci Fi, so while the Canadian DVD release went ahead as scheduled the US DVD release was pushed back to 4 July 2006. Series 1 began airing on Sci Fi on 17 March 2006.”

In December of the same year it was announced that US PBS station KTEH 54, which services San Jose, California, had acquired the rights to broadcast the 2005 episodes.

Doctor Who went back to it’s American Roots, PBS, while languishing on the Sci-Fi Channel.

BBC America began airing Doctor Who on 17 April 2010.

BBC America aired A Christmas Carol on Christmas Day, 2010, making this the first episode of the revived series to be aired in North America on the same day as in the UK.

The first part of the sixth series of Doctor Who was broadcast on BBC America in the U.S. and Space in Canada on the same day as it was in the UK – on Saturday, 23 April – making it the first series since the show’s revival in 2005 to be broadcast on the same days in America and Canada as the UK broadcast.

We now know that Doctor Who is the #1 show on BBC America and has been for several years now. They bank on it. But it took them 5 frickin’ years to get on board.

5 years!

No wonder I was dependent on “the internet fairies”. 🙂

That’s how my experience differs from the British experience on this anniversary.

But it’s still a happy day because we old fans never thought it would come and then it did, and boy did it ever. It wasn’t that easy on this side of the pond, but it was still joyful nonetheless.

And it remains the love of my life, and always will be. That’s why it’s my life and the journey through it. 🙂

Donna Noble, 2006 – 2010

And now the current man of the hour:


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