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The Doctor drops in on Clarksville


Whovians invaded downtown Clarksville this weekend for Con-GT, a convention focused on the classic British sci-fi show “Doctor Who.”

Organized by Eddie Owen and his team, the three-day event at the Riverview Inn has been packed with meet and greets, vendors and discussion panels that included celebrities involved with the show.

Owen opened the weekend with a VIP Party Friday night, at which he thanked those who made the event possible and introduced special guests.

That guest lineup had some hiccups over the last few months.

When the event was announced last October, actors Dan Starkey and Gareth David-Lloyd had been booked to appear. However, both stars pulled out.

“The one thing I have learned doing this type of thing is you’re not going to end up with what you started with in terms of celebrities and guests,” Owen said. “Dan Starkey canceled due to a previously booked engagement. And we got to the point about a month and a half ago where I thought we were past people deciding to drop out, and then I got that email about Gareth David-Lloyd.”

The situation wasn’t as dire as it might sound, however, as Owen booked classic-era Doctor Who script editor Andrew Cartmel shortly after Starkey canceled. When David-Lloyd pulled out, there was already another guest ready and waiting to join in.

“Ellis George, who acted in four episodes of the most recent season, was just at Gallifrey One (the Doctor Who convention held annually in Los Angeles), with Andrew Cartmel,” Owens said of the 16 year-old actor who has proved popular to fans of the series.

“I’ve being saying that with Ellis George in the lineup, visitors will be one degree of separation away from the current Doctor, Peter Capaldi, and showrunner Steven Moffat.”


Teen ‘Doctor Who’ star

George was humble about her involvement with the show.

“I was lucky to be in ‘Doctor Who,'” said George. “I loved the set, the people, the supporters. It has just brought me so much happiness.”

George, now 16, was only 15 when she got the call to audition.

“My agent said, ‘You’ve got an audition, but you can’t tell anyone, it’s ‘Doctor Who.'” I was like, ‘What, me? Well sure, sure thing.'”

She went to the audition and awaited a call. “I remember I was in my kitchen when my agent called back and said, ‘You’ve got “Doctor Who.” I said ‘Oh my God, are you sure? Let’s not joke about.'”

George was given the part of Courtney Woods.

“Courtney is a schoolgirl from Coal Hill,” said George. “She’s quite feisty – a very interesting character. She gives the Doctor something to work with.”

George credits her older brother Wade with introducing her and her family to the show.

“The fan base is crazy, amazing,” said George. “Working on the show has been great – everyone is so nice and kind. I don’t really call them fans; they are more like supporters, or friends I haven’t met yet.” (The Leaf Chronicle)

I met her at the VIP reception at Gallifrey and she really just a nice, well balanced kid who knows how to play to a crowd.


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