“I dunno” says Mr Steven Moffat about the much-discussed Paternoster Gang spin-off from Doctor Who…

In a bit of a change of pace for rumour mills of late, here’s one which sounds more like it’s trying to calm fans down rather than excite them. As you know from the title of this article, we’re talking about the mooted Paternoster Gang spin-off from Doctor Who, which showrunner Steven Moffat doesn’t sound too positive about at the moment.

“I’m always slightly worried that you can’t keep repeating the joke,” Mr Moffat said to Doctor Who Magazine. “And there’s always talk of the spin-off, and the Beeb would do it in a heartbeat… but… I dunno.”

So, it sounds to us like it’s Moffat’s worries that have slowed down/halted the idea of a spin-off for Vastra, Jenny and Strax, rather than the opinions of BBC bosses. Moffat went on elaborate a little: “The moment you start relying on something, you should probably throw it away.”

Using the example of River Song, Steven Moffat then explained how he doesn’t feel companions or side characters should stick around for longer than necessary. “I always kind of feel that nothing should stay in the Doctor’s life. You can have River for a few years, but then River has to go,” he said.

Essentially: if you fancied some solo adventures for the Paternoster crew, or more appearances from River Song, don’t hold your breath.

I don’t think it like either. The BBC is going through some economic turmoil at the moment so I don’t think it would happen.

I love the characters too, but could they carry a series on their own?

Not sure.

Torchwood lasted 2 series and then it got bumpy for 2 series.

Sarah Jane, arguably the most successful spinoff was for CBBC, not the mainstream BBC.

I would like it. But I agree, the bean counters are unlikely to do it. (and there’s this nagging TV exec thought in head going “Too similar to ‘Sherlock’ “). 🙂



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