Double Date


It turns out the stars of the upcoming “Cinderella” — Lilly James and Richard Madden, who play Cinderella and Prince Charming, respectively — may have more in common than you thought. The both have very special “Doctor Who” connections, thanks to who they’re dating.
Madden has been dating Jenna Coleman, who plays companion Clara Oswald on “Doctor Who,” since 2011. The couple has been open about their relationship in the past, and Madden has even teased the possibility that he’d appear on the series one day.
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As for James, she made her red-carpet debut with boyfriend and former Doctor Matt Smith at the Italian premiere of “Cinderella.” The couple has been seen together in public before, but never in an official capacity. While Smith left “Doctor Who” in 2013, his stint as the Time Lord included one season with Coleman as his second-in-command.
The idea that Cinderella and Prince Charming are dating the 11th Doctor and his companion, the impossible girl, is just a little too perfect. Now everyone just needs to cross their fingers for the most epic double date of all time.
But that still can’t beat: David Tennant, Peter Davison and Georgia Moffat, the real life Time Crash. 🙂
 Makes “Who’s your favourite Doctor?” a bit awkward doesn’t it. 🙂

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  1. cosmiconception198

    My fav. Doctor is definitely the 10th 😌😌 but i also really like the 11th, so… 🙈🙈

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