With two of pop cultures biggest sci-fi influences hitting their 50th year of existence, it’s no surprise the number of times that fans of both Doctor Who and Star Trek have considered what a cross-over of the two properties might look and feel like. Given that they both espouse themes of peace, inclusion, and helping others, the two shows have ample ways that their respective worlds might  conceivably intertwine. (Of course, we have an IDW comic strip already.)

YouTuber Theta Sigma Productions has imagined a new such merger. this time one that seems to pit Benedict Cumberbatch’s Khan from Star Trek: Into Darkness as someone akin to the Master vs the Doctor, his companions, and the crew of the Enterprise in “The Battle For Gallifrey” The results look pretty good too. Like good enough that it sounds like an awesome plot line for an actual movie! Check out the trailer below.


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Doctor Who fan like few others. Also a fan of Science Fiction, Cooking Shows and more.

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