Gunning for Who

Watch out, “Doctor Who” — “CSI” is gunning for you. As part of the promotional campaign to launch the crime drama’s latest spinoff, “CSI: Cyber,” CBS is going after a Guinness World Record set by the British series.
Wednesday, March 4, will officially be “World CSI Day,” which will see CBS air the 2014 episode of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” that served as a pilot for “Cyber” in more than 150 countries starting at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT. They’ll also be streaming the episode on Later in the evening, at 10 p.m. ET/PT, the premiere episode of “CSI: Cyber” will debut.
The event will earn “CSI” the Guinness World Record for largest ever TV drama simulcast. Unfortunately for Whovians, that’s a title currently held by “Doctor Who,” which simulcast the 50th anniversary special, 2013’s “The Day of the Doctor,” in 98 countries. The Doctor can always take the record back whenever the next anniversary special pops up, though.
“CSI” will also be celebrating the day on social media by sharing collectors’ edition art that has been commissioned for the event on the show’s Twitter and Facebook pages. (Zap2it)
While I’m flattered that CBS noticed, I’m not happy about it.
Mostly, politically because of Mrs. Arguette’s uninformed “feel food” elitist speech at The Oscars (don’t get me wrong I loved “Medium”).
I guess we’ll have to settle for the “first ones” to ever do it. Nothing ever lasts forever…
We’ll still be here when they finally run out of CSI’s to make. 🙂
Update: Starting at the same time, the episode will stream for eight consecutive hours in the U.S. at http:.//
Fakers! They are going to stream it online! Not show it on TV simultaneously!
We showed it simultaneously ON TV!
No Guinness for you!

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