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Another Radio Times quiz.

There was only 1 hard one on their for me.

How about you?


and then…

Lovarzi, official license holder of Doctor Who scarves, hats and more, has announced a new range of themed umbrellas!

While their best-selling Fourth Doctor Scarf keeps the winds at bay and their Fifth Doctor jumper will make sure you’re toasty, the time has come for a range of new Doctor Who umbrellas to keep you dry whether you’re on Marinus, sheltering from the siege of Trenzalore, or under the Earth’s overcast skies. “All of time and space; everywhere and anywhere; every star that ever was… Where do you want to start?”

The Automatic Open and Close Folding Umbrella utilises Time Lord technology: it’s bigger on the inside! All you have to do is push a button on the handle and the 21″/53.3cm canopy opens out. Made with a high quality fibre glass frame, aluminium shaft, and comfortable plastic and rubber-coated handle, the umbrella shows the TARDIS on an alien landscape, evocative of the Doctor’s home planet, Gallifrey, and comes in a specially-made carry case.

The 1960s Police Box is an iconic, beautiful design: an instantly-recognisable image that conjures up dreams of all time and space. That’s why our second exclusive umbrella displays the TARDIS with pride across its 23″/58.4cm canopy! Opening at the touch of a button, the Stick Umbrella is made from durable fibre glass, with a luxurious rubber-coated handle.

Both are ideal for keeping the rain off fans new and old – plus, of course, their companions.

Two umbrellas are available, Time Lord, as seen above, and the TARDIS umbrella below.

IMG_2136-1 (1280x853)

Both umbrellas can be ordered now for £34.99 from Lovarzi. Don’t miss them!

IMG_2147 (1280x853)

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