Ring of Time

tardis ringWhether you’ve found your companion to travel through space and time, or you prefer to battle Daleks on your own, here’s a Tardis ring to show off your love of “Doctor Who.”

The Tardis ring is available in various styles and prices. For $1,900 (about £1,235 or AU$2,440) plus shipping you can get the Tardis ring in 14K gold (rose, white or yellow).

The Tardis ring in sterling silver costs $1,100 (about £715 or AU$1,410) and the Tardis ring in Platinum costs $3,000 (about £1,950 or AU$3,850).

“Like the Doctor himself, this ring is trendsetting and lovingly unique,” says maker Dtekdesigns on Etsy.

Fans who would rather keep the Tardis closer to their hearts can get a pendant with a similar design from Dtekdesigns for $1,049 (about £680 or AU$1,350). (CNET)

It also comes in gold, which would be handy against Classic Who Cybermen! 🙂

Now that’s chic Geeky! 🙂



About mydoctor1962

Doctor Who fan like few others. Also a fan of Science Fiction, Cooking Shows and more.

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