Fan Wars

The Doctor underwent his biggest regeneration of all when he returned in 2005. Along with a new face and new Tardis came a whole new approach: bigger budgets, more emotional storylines and deafening music. What was once an insular fanbase (it’s hard to remember, but Doctor Who used to be considered nerdy even among nerds) attracted a younger audience who had no memory of Tom Baker et al.

There was a clash of the generations, Classic vs nuWho. With the petty, internecine hatred that comes so naturally to nerds, they constantly snipe at each other on Tumblr and the various Doctor Who forums.

There is a further split in the nuWho crowd, between fans of Russell T Davies and his successor Steven Moffat. Combine that with the ongoing discussion of who is the best Doctor and at this point, Whovians are split into more competing factions than communists in the 1920s.

Incidentally, Radio Times is often accused of being biased one way or the other. Please believe us: we don’t care.

Some of this is healthy some is definitely not. When I started in Doctor Who in the insular small town of Mount Pleasant Michigan in 1982 (then population 24,000) there were even divisions here. Since Tom Baker was the sole Doctor shown for sometime until a couple of enterprising (no pun intended) fans got the PBS Station to show other Doctors (so I guess we started it! 🙂 ) it was all a monochrome of just 1 Doctor. A Black and White era.

Then color came to the land that time should forget.

Then the split occurred in this sleepy little town that was neither Mount, nor Pleasant. 🙂

You have the “Tom Baker Groupies” and everyone else in Doctor Who Fans.

The Tom Baker Groupie was easy to spot when talking with them because Doctor Who only existed from “Robot” to “Logopolis” and that was it. The show was a thoughtcrime beyond those limits and they could not be persuaded otherwise. So they’d whine about not being able to watch “Doctor Who” while those other people were on the Telly, like Peter Davison or Jon Pertwee.

They didn’t care about the rich history of the show. They didn’t want to see more. They wanted Tom and only Tom. The Whoniverse didn’t exist outside of Tom.

Sad really.

But if it could happen here, it could happen anywhere. 🙂

And now in Phoenix, 30+ years later, it’s NuWho vs Classic. Where for some people the show started with “Rose” and that was beginning of the Whoniverse and that was it.

Some things never change. 🙂





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