This should make the Politically Correct happy:

Doctor Who has been nominated for a GLAAD award – for an episode which featured the show’s first lesbian kiss.

The sci-fi show has been nominated for episode Deep Breath – which aired in August, and featured its first lesbian kiss between Silurian lizard-woman Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh) and her human wife Jenny Flint (Catrin Stewart)

The pair have recurred on the show since 2011 and have long been portrayed as lovers.

Controversially, the moment was deemed too controversial for audiences in Asia – with the kiss censored from broadcasts on the BBC Entertainment channel in several Asian countries.

The censored version, excluding the kiss, was shown in Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

A BBC spokesperson told Pink News: “In order to comply with broadcast regulations in Asia where our BBC Entertainment channel airs, BBC Worldwide made a brief edit to the first episode of Doctor Who Series 8, but did so without detracting from the storyline.”

The episode has been nominated for Outstanding Individual Episode (in a series without a regular LGBT character).-Pink News

As I said at the time, I though the whole “controversy” was massively overblown to begin with. I didn’t care one bit about “the kiss”. Not one bit.

I love the characters of Madame Vastra and Jenny, with Strax as comedy relief. The Paternoster Gang is a lot of fun and has some really good characters in it.

The fact that 1 is a Lizard, 2 are gay, and 1 is brain dead potato doesn’t matter to me.

But they aren’t the Doctor either. 🙂

So if this gets more “gay” fans to watch the best shown on TV, go for it! I will be very biased.

But I’m absolutely sure of one thing, The Politically Correct will never be satisfied by anything, they never are.



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