This moment wasn’t prepared for. I am on vacation right now. So I don’t have anything prepared to celebrate something I didn’t think was going to be possible, that I’ve been doing this blog this long.

So onward anyways.

I love Doctor Who more than any other show and it shows in my house, it shows in this blog, and most things in my life. I love the adventure, the hope, the love, the great storytelling.

So I appreciate it every day.

So let’s travel back to August 18,2013 when the who blog universe began:

But I started in Doctor in the The 20th Century.

The beginning of this story starts November 5, 1982. 7:32pm


It was that significant.

I am a college student at Central Michigan University.

I live in a Dorm with my hand-picked roommate, John Doyle.

He’s a Yupper, Eh. :)   (that’s Michigan-speak for a person from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan).

He’s a great bloke, unlike my first roommates.

I turned on the TV. It happened to be set to the PBS station for whatever reason.

Back in the day, Doctor Who, a British TV institution was relatively new to the shores of America so it was on PBS. It ended up being on 100′s of them for most of the 1980′s then it disappeared.

I moved to Phoenix, AZ in 1987.

It disappeared off PBS here in Phoenix in December 1990.

PBS has never gotten a dime from me since.

My roommate and I sat down, turn on the TV and  what I would find out later was called a Wirrn (A large insect creature) fell dead out of a closet on a space station.

My roomate and I both said, “What the hell was that?!”

And 23 Minutes later (because we didn’t know at the time that this was Episode 2 and we’d missed the recap of Episode 1 and the Title sequence) we just had to know what the hell we just watched

Not in Horror, like when I saw the pilot to Lost.

But Fascination.

It was quirky, low budget, but the imagination and creativity was amazing.

It was Doctor Who.

It saved my life.

Want the whole story see: https://mydoctorwhoblog.wordpress.com/2013/08/19/

But it boils down to it gives me hope and joy in unfair universe.

But one of the things I found interesting is that in talking about this previously I also mentioned that I have been many different versions of me throughout my life. The happy kid, the depressed teenager, etc. and then Matt Smith finals scenes said The Same Thing!


And my current regeneration appreciates it. 🙂
So here’s to 500 more blogs…

About mydoctor1962

Doctor Who fan like few others. Also a fan of Science Fiction, Cooking Shows and more.

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