The Shark

No, not the one from “Jaws” or “A Christmas Carol”. The Fonzie kind of shark.

I was listening to a podcast review of “Last Christmas” and one of the host brought up a horrifying idea for the next series, it will all be a dream!!

Theb way this goes is since the Dream crab latched onto The Doctor and that informed it of Clara and then they show up at a North pol base with 4 seemingly random people who neither at the North Pole nor are any of them scientists. So what if they were just part of the dream? Not real at all.

It was all The Doctor and Clara.

And what if it wasn’t over?

How would you really know?

“The Magician’s Apprentice” referring to Clara. Hmmm…

While I found this an intriguing theory, and don’t believe even Moffat wouldn’t stoop to that, I was also horrified by the idea.

For one simple reason.

The sheer level of manipulation of the audience could cause my favorite show to “jump the shark”. That scene is 29 years old and is still a defining moment for bad television for anyone who was around at the time. It is the very definition of desperately bad TV.

This would not be like The Flesh Amy that took most of a season to reveal then only a few to resolve. Flesh Amy was mysterious and very subtle.

Dream Crab Season would be a nightmare in the end.

Now, would it being The Dream Lord make it any better? marginally, but still I can’t stop thinking of “Dallas”.

One of the many problems with having dreams in television is, and the Doctor quite rightly says this, that we never actually know whether we’re still dreaming or if we’re awake. We can’t know that because dreams seem so real at the time. Although, much like the fear/dream of someone grabbing their feet under the bed that he talks about in “Listen,” I’m usually pretty good at knowing when something’s a dream. Or am I? Is this a dream? Am I asleep? Is this just a really boring and mundane dream where I’m sitting at my mom’s house writing a review of a TV show I just watched, that might also have been a dream…? Have I never actually seen Doctor Who? (Nerdist)

Life is but a Dream, sweetheart!

I still don’t think even Moffat would do it, but can you honestly say he wouldn’t??

Now that’s truly scary…


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  1. I really hope they don’t do that, that would be no fun.

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